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  • developing the proprietary software of the company, which is used in the e-commerce
  • comprehensive product management ranging from analysis, through development, testing to
    implementation in the cloud
  • monitoring and maintaining created services
  • sharing information with other international development teams


  • Wykonywanie projektów
  • Aktualizowanie istniejącej dokumentacji projektowej
  • Przygotowywanie rysunków technicznych
  • Obsługa programów AutoCad


  • worked in .NET at least in 4.5 version,
  • have knowledge and experience in C#
  •  feel confident working with Visual Studio or JetBrains Rider, GIT, SoapUI, TeamCity
  • have experience in using AWS resources or other cloud environments
  • have knowledge in the area of relational databases, MS SQL, Oracle
  • want to create good quality software, develop your skills in the testing area
  • know English good enough to exchange information about coding and ongoing projects
  • appreciate Agile work
  • like to work in a team
  • want to develop your backend skills
  • like to learn and use many technologies, search for optimal cases of their application

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